Dos and Don’ts of Gardening in Amarillo

Gardening is not as easy as it sounds. It’s not as simple as digging a hole, planting a seed and watering it, and then waiting for it to grow, especially when you are planning to create a lush and verdant garden in the land of Amarillo, Texas.

The heated environment of Amarillo poses some degree of difficulty to both amateur and experienced gardeners alike. The semi-arid city has an unpredictable climate system, causing Amarillo to experience extremes in weather – blizzards during the winter while unnerving heat with low humidity during the summer. Knowing this, you are probably thinking that gardening in Amarillo is probably going to take more than just a little bit of hard work.

Making a garden, especially from scratch, might be too much of a feat to be accomplished at first. But even as a beginner, you don’t have to be intimidated by this fact. To make a colorful garden that is filled with life and vibrancy, here are just a few things that you need to remember that can help you to start creating your own home garden in Amarillo.


Study Your Location

Amarillo possesses a semi-arid climate, bringing about unpredictable weather conditions with extremes in weather at times. In winter, the city can experience blizzards that can freeze the roots of plants that are susceptible to cold. During summer, Amarillo can experience a significantly hot weather with low humidity that can cause dehydration to plants that are unable to withstand the heat.

Consult Experts

It is wise to ask for advice from the people who are the most knowledgeable when it comes to gardening. These people may include horticulturists, botanists, farmers, agriculturists, or just people with experience in gardening. Knowing more about gardening before you actually begin is a big help into creating a harmonious home garden.

Choose a Variety of Plants


Using different plants is usually a common knowledge for people involved in plant cultivation. Mixing up a variety of shrubs, bushes, vines, flowers, and small trees can bring about a diverse and lively sight to your garden instead of a generic garden that only holds a limited gallery of plants. Raising different kinds of plants each season also help in managing the natural nourishment of the soil that is kept all year round.

Establish an Efficient Water Source

Texas has its own experience of dry seasons and drought. With the scorching heat during the summer and the limited water supply within the region, you need to plan out effectively on how you will manage the water supply for your garden. This involves choosing plants that have a minimal to moderate watering needs as Amarillo promotes a water conservation campaign for the preservation of the region.



Use Every Plant You Like

Though you have your own personal tastes, it isn’t a good thing if you plant everything that you want just because you want it. Though you may love lilies, hydrangeas, or sunflowers, you need to take into account whether or not these plants can survive the harsh environment of Amarillo or the cost of managing these plants. Another thing is the style and compatibility of the plants to the kind of garden that you are going to make.

Use Too Many Different Plants

It is good if you use different varieties of plants in your garden. But this becomes a problem when you start using too many of them. Planting several kinds of plants more than an average garden can handle will only lead to a messy, chaotic pile of leaves and flowers that is far from the orderly yet artistic palette of a garden that you are hoping to create.

Overuse Herbicides and Insecticides


Herbicides and insecticides are essentially chemicals that serve to fight off harmful weeds and insects from damaging the plants in our garden. However, these chemicals also bring about damage to the plants itself because of the chemical contents found in it. Though it is helpful to use herbicides and insecticides or any other form of pesticide, you have to use it only in moderation or else your garden might suffer more than it should benefit from them.

Damage the Soil


If you are planning on making your own home garden, you have to be gentle with nature as well. Not only plants, but the soil itself should be considered as a living thing when you are going to create your garden. You should avoid stepping on the plots of soil that you are going to using as beds for your plants since stepping or walking on soil compresses it, and plants don’t grow too well in soil that is too compact or too tightly clumped together.

Go at it Solo

Making your own home garden can be a tiring and difficult task for you alone, especially in terms of manpower. You can ask help from family and friends in constructing the landscape, selecting the plants, and then making the garden itself. Gardening is an enjoyable experience that can build strong relationships with family and friends and also serves as a form of exercise and a way to relieve stress.

Amarillo is a place where its harsh climate poses a challenge for both your garden and for yourself. With the heat it brings about during the summer, and also the cold that it brings out during the winter, you need to plan one or two seasons ahead if you want to make a beautiful home garden.

When it comes to creating your own home garden in Amarillo, you need to remember a number of things that can either make your garden into a beautiful, lush paradise that brings about harmony and peace, or make it into a place that’s filled with chaos and disorder that you’ll probably go wish that you never messed with the garden in the first place. If you definitely want your garden to be the first one, then you shouldn’t forget these things when you make your own little patch of nature. Read more